• By the Hour, By the Project, By the Data Set
    We fit the way we work to each client's specific needs. Billing, terms, and deliverables are configured on a client by client basis depending on the attributes of the specific engagement and client.

    What is most important to us is fully understanding your needs and then working to exceed your expectations. We believe that working with us should feel just like when you grease a landing... the result of a sound approach, well executed.
  • Conflict Check
    For any consulting or advisory project or role, the first step is to perform a conflict check. Business Aviation Technologies and Greg Johnson have performed confidential work and may be subject to limits on the work that can be performed based on NDA, Restrictive Covenant Agreements, or similar. Please do not email or otherwise disclose confiential information to Business Aviation Technology before this conflict check is complete.

    Note: Greg Johnson presently holds an ownership interest and serves in an executive role for a Private Jet Charter and Membership company. Engagements that would be considered competitive with this role (i.e. sales and marketing consulting for a charter broker) will not be accepted.

  • Scheduling your Project
    Ad-hoc requests for air traffic data on a specific airport or aircraft can typically be handled through this website and are not subject to scheduling constraints.

    Consulting and/or advisory roles are accepted on a work load permitting basis. Emergency or last minute requests are not our specialty. In the event that Business Aviation Technology does not have the resources in-house to handle your project within your time window, we will gladly help you find an alternate provider.
  • Log In to Review your Reports or Project Files
    As part of submitting a data request or initiating a project, we will establish log in credentials that will take you to your personal sand box where you can view your reports or project specific files.

  • Friendly responsive people
  • Extensive experience improving productivity
  • Wide aviation industry knowledge base
  • Unique strength in information architechture
  • Years of experience with ATC data analysis
  • References available upon request
Data Feeds are a Specialty

If you need access to air traffic data in near real-time, daily, weekly, or on any other frequency contact us to discuss your options.

Download Air Traffic History from This Website

Looking for the number of landings in Lincoln, Lubbock, or Los Angeles? Look no further, simply click the link below to be directed to our ATC Data Center where you can download flight history for any airport in the NAS (National Airspace System).

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