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Prices vary by airport and are based on the traffic that a given airport receives. For example the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA receives considerably more air traffic than the airport at Hilton Head, South Carolina and prices are adjusted accordingly.

Price will also vary based on frequency. We offer a complete range of data from live data feeds to one-time historical snapshots. These can be filtered by geography, aircraft type, calllsign(s), a list of tail numbers, or any other unique criteria.

Our data is cleaner than the competition. Because we have "lived" in the business aviation community for years with experience managing air charter and FBO businesses, we have been able to solve for anomolies in the core data that aren't even on the radar of our competitors.

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Air Traffic Data Overview
  • Direct from the source, our data comes from the FAA technical center.
    The FAA works with a very small set of information technology companies to provide data services to the airlines, general aviation, and the flying public. Business Aviation Technology has been an FAA approved and third party audited vendor for years.

    The raw data received from the FAA comes in a binary encoded stream that must be decompressed and processed in real-time. This is the data processing equivalent of drinking from a fawcet. If you stop drinking, you lose data.

    The FAA's data is extracted from a variety of air traffic control sources and is presented as thousands of messages with track data, flight plan information and more. All of this data must be interpreted and woven together to re-create the flight history presented here.

    Business Aviation Technolgy has taken a singular focus on scrubbing the datafeed to present the very best set of historical data available anywhere. Proprietary algorythms check for known anomolies and make corrections
  • What you get when you purchase a data set.
    We provide the following data fields when we produce a data set for a customer:

    Flight Date
    ACID (aircraft ID)
    Distance (DOT Great Circle)
    Flight Time (in minutes)