• We provide aviation specific advice, consulting, and analysis within the aviation industry. With a broad array of experience across multiple functions in many major industry segments, Business Aviation Technology serves as a sounding board, second set of eyes, strategic advisor, and market analyst for a select group of aviation companies.
  • We posess leadership experience with FBO's, flight training organizations, part 121 passenger airlines, part 121 cargo airlines, part 135 air charter carriers, and air charter brokerages.
  • Our experience is cross functional including senior roles in finance, engineering, operations, business process improvement, brand positioning, marketing, and information technology.
  • Our solutions/projects include or have included marketing strategy, internet strategy, air traffic analysis, systems integration, system evaluation, staffing optimization, telephone systems integration, CRM strategy, call/contact center design, and proprietary technology design/build.
  • We can analyze existing technology and/or oversee the architecture and construction of a custom crafted proprietary solution specifically built around your needs.
  • We focus on understanding you and your process first. From there we are uniquely qualified to help you improve business intelligence and subsequent decision making. Improved efficiency, higher sales, and more satistied customers are the typical end results.
  • We specialize in the reporting and analysis of air traffic history within the United States air traffic system. We are one of only a handful of companies that get a direct feed of air traffic data directly from the FAA. Contact us for a fast and free quote on air traffic history.



***** The login above provides each client with access to their own sandbox, which we fill with relevant data, reports, status updates, etc. over the life of a project.

This login also provides clients who have purchased an air traffic data subscription with access to their most recent data snapshots or reports.